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Want a slick, fully-responsive site that looks like you spent weeks and thousands of dollars on it – without spending weeks and thousands of dollars? Create a solo, team or brokerage website in minutes.  Just choose a design template, make some quick customization choices, hit publish and you’re online. It’s really that easy. 

And if you don’t want to do it yourself, just call and we’ll set it up with you. No extra charge.  

Included in all ClientClick

Service, Designs, Features…

We got you covered


Free 60 day trial, no obligation

Give it a go for 60 days, with ZERO obligation. If you love it, subscribe, but for the first couple of months it’s yours with no strings. Create it, preview it, publish it, when we say no strings we really mean it.

Complimentary setup

Don’t know where to start? Our team is here for you. You can simply book your setup at your convenience and one of our specialists will contact you then, share their screen with you through a webinar and help you create the website you want. We make it easy.

Annual website optimization

Your business evolves and so should your website. With our complimentary annual website optimization our team can help you give it a facelift in both the functional and aesthetic side of things. As a subscriber, you can book your optimization and we’ll help you bring your website to the next level.

Stellar LIVE support team

If you ever have any issues – whether it’s setup or further down the line – we’re here for you: there’s always a friendly (and bilingual) human who’s just a phone call away. 1.866.315.0142


Dozens of templates

Stand out from the competition with a personalized design. Want your homepage to feature a video banner? Done. Want to pick a different colour theme? No problem. Add a widget? Also easy. Contemporary, responsive designs offer tons of layouts, features and options you can use to personalize your site, with more being added all the time. Check out our designs

Future-proof websites

We’ve all heard stories about how expensive websites can become especially when you need to update its look and feel. Fret not, with ClientClick changing the design is fast, easy and free. Simply select your preferred template, save and publish. Everytime a new design is released it becomes readily available for you. Oh… and by the way… all your content transfers automatically to the new design, like magic!

Responsive designs

In today’s world most people use mobile devices to go online. Rest assured, our designs display just as well on computer monitors as they do on any mobile device. Our team wants to make sure that anyone visiting your website from any device experiences an easy and fluid experience. As an added bonus mobile-friendly websites rank higher on Google (SEO).


LocalLogic lifestyle and neighbourhood data

With an Elite, Team or Company subscription, you get LocalLogic lifestyle and neighbourhood data at no extra cost – increase the visitors engagement by providing local insights that your clients and leads are looking for.

Lots of lead capture options

Whether you use built-in lead capture options like home valuation or “neighbourhood watch” landing pages, or create your own landing pages with customized lead capture forms, we make it easy for users to tell you they’re ready to work with you.

Client portal

It’s important to keep your users engaged.Your website allows them to create a Client Portal account to save their favourite listings and preferred searches. Automatic emails will help keep them engaged until they’re ready to do business.

Unlimited custom landing pages

Create as many landing pages as you want to support email campaigns, facilitate lead conversion, and more.


Included domain name SSL certificates, admin fees, name privacy

It’s important to keep your domain name and personal information private and secure online. Most providers like to charge their users extra fees for these services but with ClientClick we decided that no one should pay for their online security. Both you and your users can have peace of mind with our websites.


Continued Smart Studio Access

Feature sheets. Postcards. Listing slideshows. eNewsletters. Unlimited single-property websites. All the professionally-designed marketing materials you need, created automatically whenever you need them. And they’re all included in your ClientClick subscription. Just pick what you want, personalize it, review, publish – and you’re done. Oh, that’s right, you also get a free CRM…


All-in-one pricing

When it comes to price, you’ll always  know what to expect.  You choose a package based on your needs, and pay one price. Period. And unless you decide to upgrade or switch from an agent site to a team site, you’ll never pay more for additional features. Promise.


Priced in CAD$

Like Royal LePage, ClientClick is a 100% Canadian company. We charge in Canadian dollars, so you never have to worry about exchange rates.


Use your preferred CRM

Leads from your ClientClick website automatically appear in the Jumptools CRM, ready to be nurtured to close. Your website leads will also automatically be transferred to the rlpSPHERE CRM, giving you complete control over which CRM platform you want to use to power your business.


Google Analytics

Creating and driving your own campaigns is always easier when you understand your target audience. Google Analytics is easy to add on your ClientClick site and provides you with free tools that’ll help you analyze data for your business in one place.


Your ClientClick website is portable

Whether you’re an RLP agent or not, your ClientClick site is your site. Period. If you decide to make a move to a different brokerage, we’ll rebrand it for you. And if you use the Jumptools Smart Studio or CRM, that’ll move with you, too.


I have been a Real Estate Agent with Royal LePage for almost 15 years and I have just recently relocated to another Province. I was on a team In Ontario and we had a website, but when I moved I wanted to have my own site that was not going to be too expensive. I decided to try the Royal LePage Client Click Format, which was very user friendly and reasonable priced. It looks very professional and has a lot of interesting details and information on it. You can change the content periodically to keep it looking fresh, add or remove articles and pictures at your convenience. As far as maintenance, there is very little to do since your listings are automatically kept up to date through the MLS site. Over the years we have spent a great deal of time and money on various websites that are similar in quality and three times the cost. Another great feature is that you can contact the help desk and they will assist you in a speedy and friendly manner. I would highly recommend The Royal LePage Client Click website design when considering a new website or making a change.

Pauline "Chive" Jensen

Sales Representative, Royal LePage Atlantic Homestead